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About The Wilk-Amite Record

The Wilk-Amite Record was started in 1892, and has been continuously published since.  We're headquartered in Gloster, Missisippi.  We honor the past.  We often post interesting old articles and photos.

The newspaper's age old motto is:  "In the heart of an always green country of unexcelled trees and cattle farms."   And that's still true.  

Our focus, though, is the present and the future.  The southwestern area of Mississippi is a great place to live, to go to school, to work.

The Wilk-Amite Record supports local businesses with our mouth and our money.  We are a local business and we need their support as well.  Like others, the publishing industry is one of ever increasing costs.   We're doing our best to hold the line on those costs. 

We appreciate you, our readers and your subscriptions.  We appreciate you, our advertisers.  Subscriptions and advertising revenue are our bread and butter and we like bread and butter!

Our Publisher, Editor and Office Manager is Greg Adams.  Mr. Adams, shown at right, is a native of Houston, Texas, who has lived in Gloster for nine years, during which time he has owned eCom Direct, Inc, an internet service provider headquartered in Gloster.  He purchased the newspaper August 1, 2014.

Thanks for the good work of our contributing writers!  Reporters are needed for the Centreville, Liberty and Woodville areas.  Contact us if you're interested.

Former Publisher Davis Anders is an Amite County native who was born in Liberty, MS, and attended elementary school in the building that is now Blalock's Grocery.  Since leaving Liberty in the middle 1950s, he's resided and gone to school or worked in Oregon, Louisiana, Arizona, Thailand (for a year during the Vietnam War), Texas, New Mexico and Florida.  He's a 28 year military veteran.  He assists Greg Adams with writing assignments, including the Back Home column, and helps maintain the web site.        

                                                    "In God We Trust"!

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$45.00 yearly Out of State.
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